'She needed a hero, so she became one'

Hi, I'm Sammie

A Mental Health Nurse and This Naked Mind Coach, who is passionate about helping professional working mums regain control from alcohol as they transition through the perimenopause and all the ‘joys’ that brings along!

I have worked in the field of substance misuse for over 20 years so there is some irony to think that this did not give me an exemption from the clutches of alcohol addiction. Maybe the problem is that alcohol is a highly addictive, toxic yet legal substance?

Questions to ponder!

Feeling stressed? Overwhelmed? Started drinking to cope with this?

Find yourself drinking more then you want to and feel alcohol is taking control over your life?

Do you know something needs to change but feel unsure where to start and what you need to do?

Does drinking need to be part of all your social events or do you find yourself asking 'what is the point of going then'?

Do you feel apprehensive/anxious going if alcohol is not available?

Are you breaking your own rules that you set when it comes to alcohol i.e. how much you will drink and how often?

Are you curious enough to take a journey of transformation and self-discovery where you will uncover your inner strength and wisdom which will help you make alcohol small and irrelevant in your life?

Then you are in the right place! Welcome!

As a certified This Naked Mind coach, I use the same compassion-led model that was instrumental in me successfully gaining my freedom from alcohol. This methodology integrates the latest research and science backed evidence on alcohol and behaviour change and guides you to achieve your goals without attaching any labels, judgement, guilt or shame.

I meet you exactly where you are on this journey with alcohol. Whether you are still drinking and need support to stop or reduce your drinking, whether you are no longer drinking but continue to struggle with missing the alcohol so do not feel completely free or whether your long-term goal is moderation, I can help support you in your choice.

There are many methods available when considering changing your relationship with alcohol so it can be overwhelming trying to decide the option that is right for you.

Reasons TNM Methodology works:

Alternative, modern approach to traditional 12-step methods which aims to help you get your (super) power back from alcohol so you can be truly free.

Most methods focus on changing the behaviour itself i.e., stopping or reducing the amount you drink which predominantly comes from a place of fear and scarcity which offers more resistance to being able to learn new things.

TNM Methodology addresses your thoughts and beliefs about alcohol and what you think it does for you before you look at changing the behaviour. You are encouraged to drop the weapons of ‘shame and blame’ which we have carried due to society telling us for years it is our fault we have a problem with alcohol and instead show yourself grace and compassion which allows a space for awareness and learning to begin

Once you have retrained your brain, you no longer desire a drink, so you are not coming from a place of deprivation and therefore there is no ‘Fear of Missing Out’ or cravings to battle helping you to achieve lasting change without solely relying on willpower.

Remember Hope is stronger than fear. I’ve been where you are…

I am walking, living proof that this Methodology works. Having drank for over three decades I never believed it would be possible for me to change my relationship with alcohol, let alone stop drinking completely and not even struggle with any desires to drink!

Sound Familiar?........

Despite being in control of other areas in your life, alcohol is somehow ignoring all the rules.

You know something needs to change but have been unable to find a way to start this journey?

The incessant chatter in your head is becoming too loud and you desperately want to quieten your mind and stop the constant thoughts around drinking.

The 3am ‘hangxiety’ wake-up every night, full of feelings of regret, guilt, shame, hopelessness and no chance of getting back to sleep. You swear to yourself that you will not have a drink today but by later, there you are again with drink in hand not understanding what just happened?

You experience cognitive dissonance- the mental stress experienced when we hold two conflicting values, ideas or beliefs at the same time – you literally argue with yourself that you want a drink/you don’t want a drink at the same time!

It's time for action - so put on your superhero suit and prepare for the journey of your life!

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Note: Coaching services are not to be construed as or a replacement for, psychotherapy, legal, financial or medical advice. Anyone quitting alcohol should be in regular contact with their primary medical care provider.

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